Artist Cristina Lucas help us reflect on the capitalist system in a new exhibition at Helga de Alvear Museum


The exhibition includes new acquisitions such as the series titled ‘Monochromes’ (2016)

On the occasion of the 25th Anniversary of the PHotoESPAÑA Festival, the Helga de Alvear Museum (Cáceres) presents “Patterns”, a monographic exhibition dedicated to Cristina Lucas (Jaén, 1973) and curated by José María Viñuela (Ibahernando, 1944 – Cáceres, 2022), patron of the Helga de Alvear Foundation, curator of the Collection and main promoter of the Museum together with Helga de Alvear until her death on June 10, 2022. The exhibition can be visited at the headquarters for temporary exhibitions until September 25, 2022 .

In the text with which José María Viñuela wanted to welcome the exhibition and which he prepared shortly before his sudden departure, the curator indicates that «Cristina Lucas’s photographs and video installations refer us to the knowledge of acute thought and show a happy agreement between irony and a firm look at the world in which we live, with distorted parameters, unfortunately, by its own inhabitants”.

Among the 26 works selected for the exhibition are 11 pieces by the author that are part of the Helga de Alvear Collection, 10 of which will be exhibited for the first time in Cáceres after their recent incorporation into the Museum’s collections.

In addition to these works belonging to the Helga de Alvear Collection – an impressive series entitled Monochromes (2016) and La Libertad Reasonada (2009) – there are other pieces by the author on loan from the Banco de España Collection, as well as photographs, installations and audiovisual works Courtesy of the artist herself, represented by the Albarrán Bourdais Gallery, among which we find a large installation entitled Elemental Order (2016) never before exhibited in Spain.

In this new exhibition, Cristina Lucas intensifies the power of the themes on which she has worked in recent years, bringing out her inimitable ability to combine beauty and critical thinking. The questioning of power, as a constant in the artist’s already extensive production, is here reinforced and updated through a new narration arising from the questions and paradoxes generated by the patterns and the author’s personal idea of ​​the document, the chosen theme by the curators of PHotoESPAÑA 2022.

In the artist’s words, “assuming the responsibilities of being a citizen has to do with questioning the mechanisms of authority that govern our world. When we try to dissect these imposed patterns, questions arise that, sometimes, are an answer in themselves. I am interested in the power that we accept as natural and that stops raising doubts, because I understand that questioning what is established is essential. My intention is to dissect the way certain bosses built a system that now seems like we have no choice but to revise.»

The tour facilitates reflection on the influence of the capitalist system on our relationships with the world and with others, not only from an economic point of view, but also from a social, aesthetic and even philosophical point of view, looking towards the future in the sustainability as a central problem of our time.

“Patterns” by Cristina Lucas has become what will be the last of the many exhibitions curated by José María Viñuela during his long career as curator and curator of the Helga de Alvear Collection and the Banco de España Collection. Known for his discretion and wisdom about the Spanish and international artistic context, José María Viñuela worked tirelessly until the day he said goodbye and was an essential actor in the genesis and development of the Museum to which he leaves his indelible legacy.

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