A major part of By/For Everyone; Accessible Art is the Accessible Education Programme, made up of guided tours and workshops, continuity accessible educational programmes and the introduction of a volunteering programme for those with a disability.

Guided tours and workshops

Designed for groups with auditory, visual and intellectual disabilities, these guided tours and workshops make the Centre’s artistic content accessible from an intellectual, reflective and creative perspective. All activities are designed in accordance with the design for all principle and are given by specialists in each area.

Visual accessibility:

  • descriptive tours of the temporary exhibitions when the material characteristics of the works displayed allow,
  • touch tours of sculptures for blind or visually impaired visitors will be carried out, or done using relief models of the works
  • artistic creation workshops on the subject of the main exhibition, designed particularly for blind or visually impaired visitors

Auditory accessibility:

  • guided tours with a Spanish Sign Language interpreter for the deaf
  • access to all of the Centre’s general activities with personal induction loops
  • artistic creation workshops on the subject of the main exhibition, designed particularly for the deaf or hard of hearing

Intellectual accessibility:

  • guided tours according to the needs of people with intellectual disabilities, organized for groups from Occupational Centres and Special Education Schools
  • artistic creation workshops on the subject of the main exhibition, designed particularly for groups with intellectual disabilities

You can choose one of the two activities, tour or workshop, or you can combine them.
With regard to any of these activities, we recommend a previous conversation or meeting to talk about the group’s characteristics, and in order to be able to personalize the activity.
All activities are free and must be booked at least ten days beforehand. Phone us on 927 626414 or write to us at for information or to register.

Check the tours and workshops available

Ongoing Accesible Educational Programmes

We want you to make your visits to the Centre regular, not occasional, and we want it to become an inclusive educational tool that offers individual development to members of groups of people with disabilities, as well as education on art and values, and the acquisition and use of instruments for reflection. Therefore, we propose the continuity accessible educational programmes.

These involve a definition, with group coordinators, of the short, medium and long-term goals. These goals include aspects related to the museum and the collection, and those that are related to artistic creation, along with social matters connected to the artworks and which help us to understand our surroundings better. Once the goals are set, we plan and design a series of activities for a set period, both at the Centre and at the institution the group is from, in such a way that these activities have material, artistic, audiovisual and verbal results.

If you would like to undertake a continuity accessible educational programme, contact us on 927 626414 or at

Accessible volunteering

We want your role at the Centre to be one that not only involves looking, but also participating as an actor, proposing activities that make the most of your disability. You offer a vision is a volunteering programme not only aimed at groups or people with a disability but one in which, if you want, you can offer an outlook on art to all visitors from your own particular viewpoint, the way you hear it or understand it with your wonderful mind, increasing integration and raising the awareness of all visitors to the Centre.

If you have experience in communicating your emotions and perceptions, if you are keen and want to share, contact us and propose your ideas and projects. Phone 927 626414 or write to us at

By/For Everyone; Accessible Art Programme leaflet

We are working to improve and expand our range of services, and in May 2016 we will publish a leaflet with detailed information about educational programmes and accessibility services, also available in large print and in Braille. You will be able to ask for it at reception on arrival, or download it in pdf here. If you have a problem with amblyopia or a visual impairment, you will be able to download the large print version or ask for a magnifier in the reception desk.