Casa Grande

It is situated on the boundaries of the old part of the historical city. Dating from the modernist period, it was completed in 1910 in accordance with a plan drawn up by the architect Francisco de la Pezuela y Ramírez.
Initially, the Cáceres Visual Arts Centre occupies the remodelled building which marks the end of the first stage of the scheduled building process, until it is completed with a building designed around a new plan. The Tuñón + Mansilla architects’ studio undertook the remodelling of the modernist building and the second-phase extension project, which will extend across the neighbouring estate (Pizarro 10) and the area delimited by the recently remodelled building and Camino Llano Street.

Until the works comprising the second phase are completed, the activity at the centre will run without interruption in the available spaces and a programme of exhibitions and related activities will take place.


Luis M. Mansilla (Madrid, 1959 – Barcelona, 2012), graduated from the E.T.S.A.M in 1981, and obtained a Ph. D at the E.T.S.A.M in 1998. In 1984 he was granted board at the Spanish Fine Arts Academy in Rome, and in 1987 he was awarded the Swedish Institute and European Council Scholarship, for which he studied in Stockholm at the Arkitekturmuseet for investigation.
Emilio Tuñón Alvarez (Madrid, 1958), graduated from the E.T.S.A.M in 1981, and obtained a Ph. D at the E.T.S.A.M in 1998. He worked at the General Office of the Department of fine Arts in 1982, and at the General Office of Public Architecture at the Ministry of Public Works in 1983
In 1992, Emilio Tuñón Alvarez y Luis M. Mansilla established the architecture firm MANSILLA + TUÑON ARQUITECTOS, an office dedicated to the confrontation of theory and academic practice, with design and building activity.
EmulioTuñón and Luis Mansilla have been full professors at the Architectural Design Department of the Architecture School of Madrid, and visiting professors at several universities. Princeton University School of Architecture (2008-2010), Harvard Graduate School of Design (2006-2008), Barcelona International Architecture School (2001-2002), Architecture San Pablo CEU Foundation (2000-2001), Barcelona Architecture School (1999-2000), New Puerto Rico Architecture School, Navarra Architecture School (1998-1999) and Frankfurt Städelschule (1997-1998).
In 1993 they created the thinking exchange cooperative CIRCO, for which they publish a bulletin of the same name. This bulletin has been awarded the following awards: FAD Award (2007), 3rd. Iberoamerican Architecture and Engineering Biennial Publication Prize (2002) and COAM Annual Prize for Cultural initiatives Award (1995). Since 1998 they have been members of the editorial board of PASAJES magazine, which was awarded the COAM annual Prize for Cultural Initiatives Award (1999).

Technical Sheet

Tuñón + Mansilla Arquitectos

Matilde Peralta, Carlos Martínez de Albornoz, Ana del Arenal, María Langarita, Anna Partenheimer, Jorge Ruiz Boluda, Arabella Masson, Marceline Ruckstuhl, Sara Murado, Mila Moskalenko, Marta Renom, David Orkan y Andrés Regueiro.

Installations engineer

Structural engineer
Alfonso Gómez Gaite

Architectural technicians
Fernando Benito Fernández Cabello y Santiago Hernán Martín

Total Casa Grande Built area: 2.900 m²