Corporate information


Some time ago, Helga de Alvear decided to share her collection with the world and to turn it into the frame of reference for a project intended to promote, produce, investigate and educate the public about the contemporary visual arts. The initiative was favourably received by the Council of Extremadura and, in accordance with other institutions representing the Autonomous Community, the Town Hall and the Provincial Council of Cáceres, as well as the University and the Caja de Ahorros de Extremadura, the Helga de Alvear Foundation was created in 2006 with the following aims, included in its statutes (in Spanish):

  • To disseminate the works comprising the Helga de Alvear collection through exhibitions, exchanges, publications and computer-based media.
  • To promote, encourage and research into the production of contemporary visual arts in all of their related aspects.
  • To establish the criteria according to which the Cáceres Visual Arts Centre operates as well as to manage it and programme its activities.
  • To conserve the works in the collection and to add to them according to principles based on universality and openness to experimentation and to the most significant range of languages used in art at each moment.

The Museum of Contemporary Art Helga de Alvear, run by the Helga de Alvear Foundation, is the space in which these actions take place with two aims in mind: to become an internationally recognised museum and to do so in a way that fully involves everyone through contemplation, criticism, education and creative attitude.


The Board of Trustees is the highest committee for governing representing and managingthe Helga de Alvear Foundation, whose main objective is to ensure that the aims of the foundation are fulfilled. At present the Board consists of nive members, which includes representatives of the Museum´s founding institutions, both private and public: the Government of Extremadura, the Provincial Council of Cáceres, the City Council of Cáceres and the University of Extremadura, as well as other members who are private individuals.

President:  Nuria Flores Redondo, Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Government of Extremadura

Vice President:  Helga de Alvear                                    

Member: Luis Salaya Julián, Mayor-President of the City Council of Cáceres

Member: Fernando Javier Grande Cano, Deputy of Culture and Sport of the Hon. Provincial Council of Cáceres

Member: Pedro M. Fernández Salguero, Lord Rector at the University of Extremadura

Member: Miriam García Cabezas, General Secretary of Culture of the Government of Extremadura

Member: José Jiménez Jiménez

Member: Yolanda Romero Gómez

Vice Secretary: María Jesús Ávila


Coordination: María Jesús Ávila

Conservation: Roberto Díaz

Education and Cultural Action: Miguel F. Campón

Communication and Marketing: Clara Paolini

Administration: Ángela Sánchez

General Administration: Yolanda Rodríguez

Maintenance: Carlos Rodríguez