Escribir todos sus nombres en el Museo Helga de Alvear

An exhibition coproduced by PalaisPopulaire and Helga de Alvear Museum. Artworks created by artists from Helga de Alvear Collection compose this exhibition that documents an exciting but little-known chapter of contemporary art.

Exposición "Esto no es una película. Arte contemporáneo y cine en la Colección Helga de Alvear"

A temporary exhibition and a film series to celebrate the close relationship between cinema and contemporary art.

Ángel Duarte Museo Helga de Alvear

One of the most outstanding figures of geometric abstraction and whose role was fundamental for the internationalization of Spanish art.

Where images and texts come together: The cycle Image & (Con) Text connects the Library with the Helga de Alvear Collection through a series of exhibitions which present unique examples of graphic artworks.

‘Patterns’ brings together a series of arworks that aproach the patterns imposed by the capitalist system, not only from an economic point of view, but also from a social, aesthetic and even philosophical perspective.

An exhibition that pays tribute to one of the most influential artists of the 20th Century 100 years after his birth.

The second issue of S.M.S., from April 1968, with which the Helga de Alvear Museum Library continues its exhibition program Image and (Con)Text, is an exponent of the climate of freedom that united all participants.

The exhibition aims tto reflect on how artists have reproduced, interpreted, imagined, denied, or deconstructed the space. Not only from a formal point of view, but also bringing into play other social, political, economic, and emotional implications attached to the systems of representation, waiting for the spectator’s sensory cognition to reactivate them.

We begin the cycle of exhibitions with the first issue of the magazine S.M.S. A magazine created in 1968 in Manhattan as a collaborative space for artists, characterised by the heterogeneity of the artistic manifestations it contains, and which vindicated the commodification of art.

With this exhibition, the Museum wanted to highlight the decisive role of Helga de Alvear as patron of that artistic production developed by national and international names around the city of Cáceres, contributing to a reflection on it.