Rules of admission

  • For health and safety, and conservation reasons visitors are not allowed:

To touch the works of art.

To enter in the exhibition space with sharp, pointed objects or other similar items, not even those which can damage works of art, like tripods, or selfie-sticks, etc is not permitted.

Visitors are not allowed to enter in the exhibition space with sharp animals (except guide-dogs), food and drink.

In accordance with Law 28/2005, art. 7 j, 26th December, smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the Centre;

Umbrellas, rucksacks, bags, travel bags, sport bags and suitcases measuring 30 x 40 cm must be left at the cloakroom;

  • Children under the age of 10 years old must be accompanied at all times by an adult.
  • Photography is permitted without flash.
  • Videos may be recorded solely in the entrance to the Centre and in the courtyard.
  • The reproduction or sale of photographs without the permission of the Centre is forbidden.
  • Visitors are kindly requested not make or answer calls in the exhibition space, and to use earphones when listening music.
  • Use a quiet voice, in order to contribute to the calm and reflection environment required to enjoy the works of art.


Before planning the visit of a school group to the Center consider the following recommendations:

  • Before your visit:

Check this Centre rules and advices with the students/ members of the group;

Arrive 10 minutes before the time your visit is due to start, in order to start at the schedule time.

You are not allowed to consume food and drink inside the Museum, chewing gums are also forbidden.

Leave umbrellas in the umbrella stand located next to the stairs.

Leave, if it is possible, backpacks on the bus, if not, please leave it in cloakrooms.

Turn your phone to silent before enter.

  • During your visit:

Use a quiet voice;

Do not disturb other visitors;

Do not run;

Do not disturb your classmates;

Do not touch art objects, walls, platforms, and cases;

Stay with your group;

Use of pencils is only permitted during the workshops under Visual Arts Centre Staff supervision.

Photography is permitted without flash;

During the workshops photography could be forbidden if the Centre considers it is disturbing the normal development of the activities;

During the visit teachers/adult helpers are responsible for their student’s behavior and security; in any case this Centre assumes that responsibility.