Presentation and organization

The Research Centre aims to specialize in national and international contemporary art. Its objectives are to serve as archival support for technical staff who are carrying out research, documentation, conservation and preparing activities, as well as for researchers, teachers and students, not to mention for artists and for the public as a whole.

The bedrock of the Research Centre is Helga de Alvear’s personal library –featuring a total of 1,791 entries so far– which deals with the subject of contemporary art in general and, more specifically, contains publications related to the works of art and the artists who form part of the Helga de Alvear Collection.

The Research Centre contains bibliographical data, a newspaper and photography archive, as well as documents and digital sections about art produced in Spain and abroad since the 1960’s. Notwithstanding its contemporary emphasis, the library also includes the necessary forays into the art of the first half of the 20th century. Furthermore, it has information on more general subjects such as art theory and other fields associated to contemporary visual art, namely, architecture, design, film, music, on the particular activity of the Visual Arts Centre and on museology and conservation as a whole.

Currently, the expansion policy for this Research Centre seeks to add relevant collections to aid research in contemporary international art and it follows three procedures: purchasing, donation and exchange of publications with other similar institutions in Spain or abroad. If any institution were interested to take part of our exchange program or receive our list of copies, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Once the second stage of the Visual Arts Centre is inaugurated in 2013, the Research Centre will move to the  floor -1 of the La Casa Grande building where it will be accessible by researchers, students and the general public. Until then, researchers and students may send a written request or contact the Foundation by telephone or email about consulting its collections at the Foundation’s provisional location.

Mornings: Tuesday to Friday from 10,00 h. a 14,00 h. (closed on weekends and holidays)