Architectures. 20 Photographic Works in the Helga de Alvear Collection

from April 17th to May 15th 2008

Sede: Archivo Histórico Provincial, Cáceres


This proposal featured an assortment of different views and explorations of architecture using the medium of art photography. It displayed large-scale works concerning the image of architecture in inner spaces and in large urban building complexes, seen from various points of view. The show focussed on architectural photography as a vehicle to broach a range of issues and concerns related to politics, society and the image too. It was organized on occasion of the Ibero-American Contemporary Art Fair, called Foro Sur, held annually in the old city centre. The objective of the exhibition was to give Extremadura and its residents a preview of the Collection that would subsequently be housed at the Visual Arts Centre Helga de Alvear Foundation Cáceres.

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