Col.lecció Helga de Alvear

from January 23rd to February 25th 2001

Sede: Sala Municipal d’Art Leandre Cristòfol, Sala Municipal d’Art El Roser y Sala Municipal d’Art Xavier Gosé, Lleida

Comisario: Glòria Picazo

Taking the aim of providing a broad and diversified view of the content of the Collection as a departure point, the curator chose what is currently one of the most interesting lines of artistic thought which links together the works in a conceptual unit, namely, the human body, its territory and borders. By means of a selection of 29 works of art by 24 artists, the curator sought a plural approach for the exhibition, encompassing the absence of the body and its replacement –in photographs by the Bechers– with striking marks left on the landscape, or –in Pepe Espaliú’s– with an evocation of the body through inanimate masks, or even –in Daniel Canogar’s geometric pieces– with the interplay between human and artificial bodies. In addition, there were theatricalized human presences by Klauke, neutral portraits by Fischer, manipulated self-portraits by Sieverding and narratives by Moffat, Mori and Valldosera.

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