Creer en el Arte. Colección Helga de Alvear. Una selección

from February 8th to April 6th 1997 and from July to August 1997

Sede: Casa del Cordón, Caja de Burgos, Burgos. Sala Amós Salvador, Logroño.

Comisario: Armando Montesinos

The first exhibition gathered together 76 works of art by 71 artists, whose artistic range reflected the eclecticism guiding the Collection. It was the personal statement and confession of the collector “a passionate path of learning, of knowledge and personal fulfilment” and an understanding of art as something that “speaks to us of our times and of ourselves, because it creates and develops languages that can explain, in a new way, the world in which we happen to live”.
An overview of the Collection which encompassed its entire timescale, from the first avant-gardes to the present day. Commencing with some key representatives of early 20th century art, such as Kandinsky and Max Ernst, it went on to explore artistic paths in the post-war period in the company of Albers and Motherwell and the Spanish abstract generation: Tàpies, Saura, Millares and Sempere. The figurative, expressionistic and abstract, either highly rationalist or impassioned and lyrical, were represented too by Appel, Penk, Dubuffet, Equipo Crónica, Hartung, Knoebel, Tuttle, Broto and Richter. While more minimalist concerns were introduced by Dan Flavin. Photography was also displayed in a broad selection of some of the most outstanding international artists including, among others, A. & B. Blume, Kazuo Katase, Rodney Graham, Hannah Collins and Hiroshi Sugimoto.

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