DE LA GENEROSIDAD. Colección Fundación Helga de Alvear

from March 23th to June 17th of 2012

Sede: CGAC. Santiago de Compostela

Comisario: Miguel von Hafe Pérez

The act of collecting, especially when it stems from a private impulse with a public vocation, is essentially an act of generosity. An act of generosity which entails that the collector understands the work of art as a culturally relevant structure and that it gives way to the creation of discourses that are open to multiple interpretations. Drawn from the Helga de Alvear Foundation collection, De la generosidad begins with a group of works from late modernism that unfold chronologically into two periods: the neo-avant-gardes of the sixties and seventies and contemporary works, specifically those that revise modernity.

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