Helga de Alvear Collection. The Art of the Present

from May 24th to November 3th of 2013

Sede: Centro + Centro. Palacio de Cibeles. Madrid

Comisario: María de Corral

Parallel to her work as a gallery owner, Helga de Alvear has built one of the most important private collections of contemporary art in the country, comparable to some of the best in Europe. The sum of his extensive experience and his illustrious intuition have allowed him to build a compendium of the most recent and current art history, offering a personal overview of it which, in turn, constitutes a first-rate reading about the ways in which that the world artistic practice has been building. Fully aware of the prevailing trends in the current art scene, Helga de Alvear collects photography, painting, video, installations, sculpture and drawing, showing interest in the quality and significance of the work rather than in specific disciplines. Her idea of ​​acquiring work is not to create a closed discourse on the art of her vital moment, but rather she sees it as a process defined in terms of relationships between diverse forms, ideas, spaces and intentions that generate tension, emotion and reflection. She knows that an art collection is an incessant writing, reading and rereading of a history full of experimental paths, of attempts and successes, of diverse proposals both in their languages ​​and in their contents. In her collection, exciting works full of artistic tension coexist, along with others whose value will consist of having witnessed a time for art. [Text taken from the Centro + Centro website]

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