THE ESSENTIAL PERSPECTIVE. Minimalisms in the Helga de Alvear Collection

From February 14th to May 6th 2018

Sede: Centro de Arte Alcobendas

Comisario: José María Viñuela

Betting on collaboration between institutions, the Helga de Alvear Foundation and the Alcobendas Art Center have come together to present this project, curated by José María Viñuela, which under the title The essential perspective brings together a set of works from the Helga de Alvear Collection that dialogue under a new approach and using the founding criteria of Minimal Art such as abstraction, elementary geometry, austerity, seriality and monochrome, affirm the richness of the funds of this Collection, unanimously recognized by all.

The Helga de Alvear Collection has a large number of works that come from research in the most essential lines of art of our time. This exhibition includes, along with minimalist works by canonical authors such as Donald Judd and Carl Andre, other works by artists who, while not as rigorously involved with the Minimal Art medium as they are, in their respective practices have maintained unwavering affinities with essential perspective. , thus providing an enriching variety of discourses.

In the words of its curator, “This exhibition around the different minimalisms that the Helga de Alvear Collection houses “reads” and “places in space” an essential part of these collections, a legacy that is continually fed with new content, and that It will continue to grow over time and at the discretion of its author. There will still be room for many fundamental works that will enrich its collection, and, presumably, many of them will be in tune with the title of this exhibition: “essential perspective”; not in vain the time of Helga de Alvear are the years of conceptual art, minimalism and all the illustrative currents of our time».

It will include a total of 58 works including paintings, sculptures, objects, drawings, photo collages and furniture, by 39 artists from the Helga de Alvear Collection.

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