To Write Down All Their Names. Spanish Female Artists from 1960 until today

October 5, 2022 - February 27, 2023

Sede: PalaisPopulaire, Berlin

Comisario: Lola Hinojosa

Escribir todos sus nombres en el Museo Helga de Alvear

Helga de Alvear has not only been arguably Spain’s most important gallery owner for decades, but also one of the country’s most important collectors and promoters of Spanish contemporary art. On the occasion of Spain’s invitation as this year’s guest country at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the PalaisPopulaire, in cooperation with the Museo Helga de Alvear and the Embassy of Spain, presents the exhibition ESCRIBIR TODOS SUS NOMBRES.

Compiled by curator Lola Hinojosa, Head of Performing Arts and Intermedia Collection at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the show from the collection of the Museo Helga de Alvear documents an exciting but little-known chapter of contemporary Spanish art. It brings together women artists who, influenced by Constructivist traditions, Minimal Art, as well as conceptual and performance art, developed a formal language that was as reduced as it was associative. Many of the older artists, including Elena Asins or Aurèlia Muñoz, were closely associated with experimental groups that emerged in Spain during the last decades of the Franco dictatorship. The title ESCRIBIR TODOS SUS NOMBRES (To write down all their names) is taken from a 2001 work by artist Dora García. The show refers not only to the urgently needed visibility of women artists, but also to the very specific connection to poetry, linguistics, music, and architecture that links the different generations featured in this exhibition.

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