Año: 2022

Hinojosa, Lola

To Write Down All Their Names

ESCRIBIR TODOS SUS NOMBRES ( To Write Down All Their Names) presents Spanish women artists who,influenced by Constructivism, Minimal Art, conceptual art, and performance art, have developed a formal language that is at once reduced and associative. Curated by Lola Hinojosa Martínez, an organized in cooperation between PalaisPopulaire (Berlín) and Museum of Contemporary Art Helga de Alvear (Cáceres), the selection of works from Helga de Alvear’s collection not only aims to make these women artists visible to the public, but also addresses the very particular incorporation of poetry, linguistics, music and architecture that so closely links these different generations.

Artworks by Elena Asins, Vera Chaves Barcellos, Ángela de la Cruz, Esther Ferrer, Dora García, Sarah Grilo, Cristina Iglesias, Aurèlia Muñoz, Carmen Láffon, Eva Lootz, Erlea Maneros Zabala, Soledad Sevilla, Susana Solano, Montserrat Soto y Eulàlia Valldosera allo us to explore new ways of seeing and inhabiting.



158 pp.
Edición: PalaisPopulaire y Museo Helga de Alvear
Español / Inglés / Alemán
Ilustraciones a color 25 x 20
Encuadernación rústica
ISBN 978-3-942294-71-3