Año: 2023

González, Chema

This is not a film. Contemporary Art and Cinema at Helga de Alvear Collection

The catalogue of the exhibition curated by Chema González, “This is not a film. Contemporary art and cinema in the Helga de Alvear Collection”, offers an approach to film studies from contemporary artistic practice. The curator’s writing is complemented by fragments of texts by various theorists, filmmakers and thinkers such as Sigfried Krakauer, Jean-Luc Godard, Antonin Artaud, Jacques Derrida, Paolo Cherchi or Jonas Mekas, among others, who introduce each of the chapters that make up this exhibition about cinema without screens.

Possible but non-existent films (Ignasi Aballí), the script as drawing (Marcel Broodthaers, Bruce Nauman or William Kentridge), the origins of cinema as an experience linked to magic and the occult (Tracy Moffatt or Sonia Delaunay), the capacity of cinema to history (Fernando Bryce), the actor as matter (Andy Warhol or Luis Gordillo) and the “anti-actor” (Nan Goldin or Cindy Sherman) and the research project of Jane & Louis Wilson on the film not made by Stanley Kubrick on the Jewish Holocaust are the themes raised by the exhibition. Through the texts and color illustrations of the works of art selected for exhibition, the ubiquitous and inevitable presence of cinema is glimpsed – its though, its visuality, its time, its characters, its films, its institutions – in contemporary art. , complementing itself, as a counterpoint, or counterpoint, with the films that are part of the cycle “Films despite everything. Film and video in the Helga de Alvear Collection”.




147 pp.
Spanish / English
Color illustrations 24 x 17 cm
ISBN 978-84-942467-8-4