Año: 2010

Viñuela, José María

Margins of Silence. Helga de Alvear Collection

Catalogue of the inaugural exhibition of the Helga de Alvear Foundation Visual Arts Center, curated by José María Viñuela, with a selection of 115 works from the Helga de Alvear Collection produced between 1969 and 2009. These works have some essential characteristics of their identity in common : the association of the perceptive margins themselves with the silence that they can transmit from the flexible dimension of these margins, representing as faithfully as possible the evolution of Helga de Alvear’s interest and the affinities that she has been establishing in the contrast of her experience with the evolution of artistic processes.



160 pp.
230 ilustrations, color and b/w, 27 x 24 cm
Fundación Helga de Alvear, Cáceres ed.
ISBN: 978-84-938030-0-1
Price: 20 €