Año: 2015

Chevrier, Jean-François; Schwartz, Stephanie; Romero, Yolanda; Ribalta, Jorge

Monument Machine. Jorge Ribalta

Jorge Ribalta (Barcelona, 1963) is a photographer, photography historian and exhibition curator. Monument Machine, published on occasion of the exhibition of the same title, coproduced by the Centro José Guerrero and the Fundación Helga de Alvear, brings together the series Wild Laocoön (2010-2011), Scrambling (2011) and the author’s latest, and to date unpublished Empire (or K.D.) (2013-2014). By means of these series, Ribalta aims to contribute to the denaturalization and demonumentalization of the cultural field in order to understand its operation and its role in ideological production. With essays by Jean-François Chevrier, Jorge Ribalta, Stephanie Schwartz and an interview by Yolanda Romero.



299 pp.
23,6 x 17,1 cm
Centro José Guerrero and Fundación Helga de Alvear
ISBN: 978-84-7807-544-7