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"I am interested in contemporary art, because it tells us about our time and about ourselves, because it creates and develops languages ​​that can explain to us, in a new way, the world that we have lived in and of which we often only scratch the surface".

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In 1967, Helga de Alvear bought her first artwork without suspecting the dimension this act would acquire in the future. She began an activity which opened up with passion, professionalism and tenacity. These qualities were the key to bring together the most important private collection of international contemporary art in Spain and one of the most important in Europe.

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The Helga de Alvear collection currently consists of over three thousand works. However, the collection is not conceived as a closed and definitive whole. On the contrary, it is constantly growing in order to respond to the desire to keep up with current and future changes and developments in contemporary art.

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Following her desire to support contemporary art, current and future transformations, Helga de Alvear understands her Collection as living entity that is changing, and broadening at the same time that new artworks are integrated into her Founds, artworks that has touched her either in a conceptual, historical or artistic way.


Outside the Museum

Loan Works

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Manolo Quejido

Manolo Quejido. Distancia sin medida

Palacio de Velázquez, MNCARS, Madrid 21/10/2022 - 16/05/2023

The temporary loan of works from the Helga de Alvear Collection to other institutions is one of the main axes for its diffusion and dissemination, allowing the expansion of the public and potential connoisseurs, while contributing to the research that each project involves, allowing to cooperate with other museums, galleries, artists and professionals.


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Escribir todos sus nombres en el Museo Helga de Alvear

Several artists

To Write Down All Their Names

PalaisPopulaire, Berlín 05/10/2022-27/02/2022

Since 1997, the Helga de Alvear Collection has been the object of great interest by the most prominent museums and institutions on the national and international scene, holding exhibitions based on the collection's holdings. This has made it possible to spread the collection beyond the museum's headquarters, contributing to the function of training, dissemination and research around contemporary art that guides the museum's activity.

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