Escribir todos sus nombres en el Museo Helga de Alvear

Escribir todos sus nombres en el Museo Helga de Alvear

On the occasion of Spain’s invitation as this year’s guest country at the Frankfurt Book Fair, the PalaisPopulaire, in cooperation with the Museo Helga de Alvear and the Embassy of Spain, presents the exhibition ESCRIBIR TODOS SUS NOMBRES.

From December 4th 2018 to February 24th 2019

Helga de Alvear. Coleccionar libremente

Most of the collections represent the people who have constituted them, that of Helga de Alvear tells us about her way of being and her experiences, but above all what she shows us is her life journey and her journey alongside contemporary art

Betting on collaboration between institutions, the Helga de Alvear Foundation and the Alcobendas Art Center have come together to present this project, curated by José María Viñuela

from June 25th to September 26th 2016

Out of order: Works from the Helga de Alvear Collection

The exhibition Fora da ordem – Obras da Coleção Helga de Alvear, made up of 137 works, unveiled the Helga de Alvear Collection in Brazil at one of the most outstanding art centers in the country, the Pinacoteca de São Paulo.

from May 24th to November 3th of 2013

Helga de Alvear Collection. The Art of the Present

from March 23th to June 17th of 2012

DE LA GENEROSIDAD. Colección Fundación Helga de Alvear

Helga de Alvear Collection in the CGAC of Santiago de Compostela