from April 1st to October 9th of 2011

Stories of Material Life

Planta | Floor 1: José Pedro Croft

It is a presentation of works that, in various forms and on various artistic supports, configure the relationship that the artists in the exhibition establish with the materiality of quotidian experience. The works refer at times to the body (sometimes the artist’s own body, as self-representation), at times to the physicality of the space, and at other times to the political and productive relations that constitute our communal ways of life.

from November 21th of 2008 to March 15th of 2009

Helga de Alvear and Harald Falckenberg in Dialog

This exhibition arranged a dialogue between the two most important private collections of the international art scene – the Helga de Alvear Collection and the Harald Faclkenberg Collection, which is one of the mainstays of the exhibition programme at the Sammlung Faclkenberg-Phoenix Kulturstiftung.

from the 12th to the 16th of February 2009

So What?

The Helga de Alvear Collection was displayed at the ARCO’09 Fair –in the section called ARCO Institutions which seeks to promote and support awareness about public or private organizations involved in art though their collecting– with the title of So What?

Andreas Gursky. Hong Kong Islands, 1994

This proposal featured an assortment of different views and explorations of architecture using the medium of art photography. It displayed large-scale works concerning the image of architecture in inner spaces and in large urban building complexes, seen from various points of view.

A joint presentation of Kabuki, 1997 by Juan Muñoz and I Love To Much (with Crate), 2006, by Julião Sarmento, organized on occasion of the Ibero-American Contemporary Art Fair, called Foro Sur.

Shoja Azari. The View (Windows Series), 2005

A selection of 13 international video artists from Helga de Alvear collection, run by photographer and cinematographic producer Werner Krüger.