Virtual Museum

If the group you represent is involved in an ongoing project or if you visited the Centre and continued the work in the classroom, send us images or pdf files with your results. Your experience will be useful to many others and we will be delighted for the work done by your group to hang on the walls of this virtual museum.

What to do: You just have to fill out the form in this section specifying the name of your project and a brief presentation about its aims or development, and including a line of text with the description of each of the images you are going to attach to be exhibited in our Virtual Museum (maximum ten images per project). Then, you send us the form with the images in jpeg (each image will have maximum 1 MB) by email or hosting service in the cloud to

Tour the Virtual Museum


We want this to be a meeting place where we can talk about the Centre, your visit, art or education; your needs and impressions; the materials you prepared. Your experience is critical to our team; send your opinions and help us improve.