Louro, João

1 Second In The Story Of Crime


Historia del objeto

Ha participado en los siguientes eventos y exposiciones:
"Joao Louro. PLAY, REC and PAUSE"; Santa Mónica(California, Estados Unidos): Christopher Grimes Gallery, 08/09/2006-14/10/2006
ARCO 2007; Madrid (m)(Área Metropolitana de Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid): Christopher Grimes Gallery, 14/02/2007-19/02/2007
"Historias de la vida material"; Cáceres (m)(Cáceres (c), Cáceres (p)): Centro de Artes Visuales Fundación Helga de Alvear, 01/04/2011-09/10/2011, Sardo, Delfim [comisario]


MURRÍA, Alicia. "Historias de la vida material". Artecontexto. Madrid (m): Artehoy Publicaciones y Gestión, 02/2011. nº 30. p. 140.

SARDO, Delfim. Historias de la vida material. Personas, lugares, cosas, acontecimientos, ficciones = Stories of Material Life. People, Places, Things, Events, Fictions. Cáceres (m): Centro de Artes Visuales Fundación Helga de Alvear, 2011. pp. 190-191, 206-207, 257-258;. il. color

Mención derechos

© de las reproducciones autorizadas, el autor, 2024

Ficha técnica

Clasificación genérica:



Cuadro (24)




Acrílico sobre metacrilato y lienzo


Unidad: Altura = 54 cm; Anchura = 65 cm
(x 24)

Nº ref. / Edición:

39480 / Obra única

Firmas / marcas:

Reverso de las piezas, Crayón, Manuscrita
1-24 (Númeradas de la 1 a la 24 en el reverso)


Apprentice newspaper czar William Randolph Hearst / touted the gruesome murders of Theo Durrant in his / San Francisco Examiner by showing the killer´s hands / on the front page.; California used car salesman William Liebscher, Jr. / robbed banks on the side for eighteen months until FBI / agents trapped him in 1957; His clothes torn from his body by enraged citizens of / San Jose, Calif. kidnapper Thurmond was / lynched, / 11/26/33.; An artist´s rendering of the legendary Joaquin Murieta, / California´s most notorious bandit.; Hippie cultist Charles Mason mugs wildly for cameras / while being tried for mass murder in 1970.; Charles E. Bolton, best known along the California / trails of the late 1870s as the hooded stage robber, / Black Bart.; The Black Dahlia case: LAPD detectives investigate the / Norton Avenue crime scene, Jan 15th, 1947.; She suddenly decided to murder - Penny Björkland / stares at the California judge in 1959 while being / arraigned.; Known as the Night Stalker, he worships Satan and / longs to sit next to him in Hell. His series of horrifying / crimes in the suburbs of Los Angeles and San / Francisco were meant to show Satan that he is just as / evil as Jack the Ripper.; Kidnapper and murderer Edward Hickman in January, / 1928, combing his hair and admiring himself in his jail / cell; he was hanged at S. Quentin Prison a month later.; California slayer Stephen Nash was to brag of his / countless killings much the same way Panzram had / confessed.; Mass murderer Thomas Eugene Braun (left front) / followed by Leonard Maine moments after their arrest / in 1967.; California train robber John Sontag (from center) lies dead at the feet of the posse which tracked him down / and shot him full of holes.; Gardener August Norry was picked at random by / Penny and killed.; Doctor Bernard Finch in custody (1960) after murdering / his wife.; Houseboy Bart Caritativo murdered for money and land / and wound up in the gas chamber.; Amos Stricker taunted his girlfriend Anny Tracy with / tales of other woman. Her response came out of the / end of a gun.; Things started to look up for the prosecution when a / fingerprint of Patricia Krenwinkel´s was found on a / door inside of Sharon Tate´s bedroom.; Mass murderer William Cook in custody of Mexican / police, Tijuana, 1951.; Axe murderer Winnie Ruth Judd at her 1932 trial posed / dramatically for a cameramen while exhibiting a / wounded hand; she was shot while disarming one of / her victims.; Charles "Tex" Watson, because of extradition / proceedings and other legal complications did not / stand trial until later in the year and was also found / guilty of murder and conspiracy to commit murder.; San Francisco´s Cordelia Botkin chose poison to / eliminate her rival, John Dunning´s wife, in 1898.; Burton W. Abbot went to the gas chamber, convicted of / murder, even though he claimed he was the victim of a / diabolical framed-up.; A woman scorned, Ann Tracy shot her beloved, wealthy / building contractor Amos Stricker of Laguna Beach, / and then bundled him in a blanket.

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