Bottari, Oct.22 2000


Historia del objeto

Ha participado en las siguientes exposiciones:
"Kimsooja"; Madrid (m)(Área Metropolitana de Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid): Galería Helga de Alvear, 15/01/2004-05/03/2004
"De la generosidad. Colección Fundación Helga de Alvear"; Santiago de Compostela(Santiago (c), Coruña (A) (p)): CGAC, 23/03/2012-17/06/2012, Hafe Pérez, Miguel von [comisario]
"Hilando ideas. Tejiendo arte"; Alcoy-Alcoi(Alcoià (L´), Alacant-Alicante (p)): IVAM, 26/06/2019-27/10/2019, Folch, Mª Jesús [comisaria]
"Colección Helga de Alvear"; Cáceres (m)(Cáceres (c), Cáceres (p)): Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Helga de Alvear, 26/02/2021-02/04/2022, Viñuela, José María [comisario. Exposición inaugural de la nueva sede del museo]


ALVEAR, Helga de; et álii. Museo Helga de Alvear. Cáceres (m): Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Helga de Alvear, 2022. pp. 226-227; il. color.

KEIJI, Nakamura; et álii. Kim Sooja: A Needle Woman. Bern: Kunsthalle Bern, 2001. pp. 49-51, 62-63; il. color; "One might consider that certain ideas in art retain an accelerating force as they evolve within a perpetually shifting globalized environment. Kim Sooja´s bottari have this potential. They refer to a certain kind of transport, a personal history, a private vision of one´s own space, a nomadic space going from one place to another, there is a monumentum that builds, a certain engagement with the transition to the present.". Se indica que pertenecía a la Collection Ackermans, Xanten

KIM, Seungduk; et álii. Kimsooja : To Breathe: Bottari. Dijon: Les Presses du Réel, 2013. p. 136; il. color.

MORAWINSKA, Agnieszka; BREWINSKA, Maria; SZYMCZYK, Adam. Kimsooja. Varsovia: 2003. pp. 38, 39, 43; il. color; "In november 1997 Kim Sooja takes an 11-day performance-trip around Korea in a truck. The 33-minute video from that trip is a record of the views of the truck with its load of colourful bottari. Possibly, Kim Sooja is making a journey into the past, going back to the journeys which her family was obliged to embark on following her father, an Army man working in the demilitarized zone. At the same time it is metaphor for her current life - the life of a nomad artist, crossing ever new borders in order to meet new people. That aspect of nomadism, shown in Kim Sooja´s performances, in installations using the symbolic bottari and in videos, is one of the key point of her art. Such nomadism takes place in open spaces and needs them to come into being, although it is confronted with the horizontal plan of the world and the limitations imposed by the organization of space by "state".", p. 38.

RUBIO, Oliva María. Kimsooja. Madrid (m): MNCARS, 2006. pp. 38, 39, 43; il. color.

YOUNG-HEE, Suh; et álii. Kimsooja : Unfolding. Vancouver: Vancouver Art Gallery, 2013. pp. 38,39; il. color.

Mención derechos

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Ficha técnica

Clasificación genérica:

Escultura, Textil






Sábanas y ropa de cama coreana usada


Altura = 86 cm; Anchura = 76 cm; Profundidad = 53 cm

Nº ref. / Edición:


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