Yang, Haegue



Historia del objeto

Ha participado en las siguientes exposiciones:
"Sobre papel"; Cáceres (m)(Cáceres (c), Cáceres (p)): Centro de Artes Visuales Fundación Helga de Alvear, 08/06/2013-30/03/2014, Diego, Estrella de [comisaria]


DIEGO, Estrella de. Sobre papel = On Paper. Cáceres (m): Centro de Artes Visuales Fundación Helga de Alvear, 2013. p. 258; il. color.

DZIEWIOR, Yilmaz; KREUGER, Anders; SCHWERENDT, Katharina. Arrivals : Haegue Yang. Bregenz: Kunsthaus Bregenz, 2011. pp. 317, 319; il. color.

JACOBSON, Heidi Zuckerman; et álii. Haegue Yang : Wild Against Gravity. Oxford: Aspen Art Museum / Modern Art Oxford, 2011. pp. 40, 48, 129, 174; il, color; "The material for the paper collage series Trustworthies (ongoing since 2010) is a printed security pattern, made to limit the information seen by others. It always appears on the inside of envelopes that contain official documents. My primary interpretation of this material is about passages of migrating communication. As the migration of populations has been controlled, the migration of information and communication has become correspondingly more prescribed, so that the notion of inside and outside is more apparent. That secure border is marked by this printed paper. What I did was just reveal this material by turning the envelopes inside out to compose different messages, reversing the usual statement of hiding and protecting. The paper is always cut in two different ways: one line is clear-out with a knife, and the other one is torn by hand. When put together in gradations and geometric forms, patterns unfold in horizontal lines, waves, or landscapes". p. 129 [Texto de Haegue Yang].

Mención derechos

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Ficha técnica

Clasificación genérica:



Collage (3)




Collages de tiras de seguridad de sobres sobre papel


Marco: Altura = 102 cm; Anchura = 72 cm; Grosor = 3,5 cm
Unidad: Altura = 100 cm; Anchura = 70 cm
(x 3)

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